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Yahoo Sports

ClearSports Chairman Ed Brown on the company’s decision to end its membership program and what makes its golf balls stand out from its competitors.

PGA Tour Radio

Former President & CEO of Patrón Tequila and newly appointed Chairman of ClearSports takes a break from playing at AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with Graeme McDowell to speak with PGA Tour Radio’s Mark Lye about ClearSports and his new position with the brand.

National Golf Foundation

“The golf business has had a lot of the traditional people running companies for a long time. I think it’s time for this industry to have some new blood come in, shake things up a little bit and get people looking at things in a different way.”


“The ClearSports commitment to produce the world’s finest golf ball gets no stronger validation than acquiring the leadership of one of the world’s most premium brands to guide our brand to new heights.”


Regularly available only to those who have undergone the application process for membership, ClearSports decided to allow a limited public release of its 3-piece Clear Red and 4-piece Clear Black balls that are popular with a growing group of professional athletes and celebrities.

PGA Tour Radio

ClearSports professional golfer Skip Kendall discusses obtaining full exempt status on the Champions Tour at TPC Tampa Bay using the ClearSports golf ball.

Golf Advisor

“These balls perform flawlessly and feel like the best of the best I have ever played.”

Golf Channel

Guest host of Morning Drive and NHL Legend Jeremy Roenick calls Clear “the best golf ball in the world.”

Golf Gear Weekly

“Clear designs and manufactures the best conforming golf ball possible without regard for cost. Years of research, development and testing resulted in the Clear ball — simply the finest USGA conforming golf ball that can be made.”

PGA Tour Radio

PGA Champions Tour professional and ClearSports ambassador Skip Kendall featured on PGA Tour Radio show “Time to Let it Fly with Mark Lye”.


“You’ll need an invitation to play the balls from Clear Sports LLC. Among the celebrities and former professional athletes who pay to use Clear’s golf balls are Sean Connery, Paul O’Neill, Jeremy Roenick and Ivan Lendl.”

PGA Tour Radio

Professional golfer and ClearSports player Charlie Bull discusses why he chooses to play Clear on tour. Interview aired on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio’s “Time to Let it Fly with Mark Lye”


“ClearSports’ target user is an athlete who wants the absolute best equipment, is willing to pay the price for it, and craves exclusivity. After 6 years in the business, the company seems to have figure out the secret sauce to success as it continues to expand on its existing line of products.”

“You’ve probably never heard of Clear’s ultra-exclusive ‘members only’ golf ball, but if you have, you’re in some pretty elite company.”

PGA Tour Radio

ClearSports Founder and CEO discusses why he made it his mission to create the world’s best golf products and what makes Clear the absolute best golf ball on the market. 

PGA Tour Radio

“Imagine having unlimited funds to make a golf ball, that’s what they’re doing. Clear is in the business of making the best ball, regardless of cost.”